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page last updated: 06.06.14

Pastured Raw Dairy, Eggs, & Meat (in the rest of Florida)

(Sources for pastured raw dairy/milk, pastured/grass–fed/grass–finished meats/beef/buffalo/chicken/duck/goat/lamb/pork/rabbit/turkey, & pastured eggs in Florida.)

Many farms are not set up for retail business in our area yet, but they are happy to sell in large quantities or to the wholesale trade. You can purchase retail from them if you're willing to make the drive or arrange shipping, but the intent of this section is to provide sources for retailers and food clubs whose large purchases justify the shipping costs. To ensure you are getting what you think you’re paying for, buy only from those farms that are willing to put in print (on their website or on packaging) exactly what the animals eat and what farm they are from. Since not every farm raising animals on pasture is listed here, sure to also check: Eat Wild (or their map of Florida farms), Local Harvest, Real Milk.

Note on raw dairy/raw milk: In Florida, unpasteurized dairy is licensed to be sold “for pet consumption only”. This is a wonderful gift from lawmakers designed to encourage micro/small farmers. (Residents of many other states are not so lucky.) To protect that special gift, many vendors will not sell to you if you mention that you plan to drink it yourself. It is sold solely for pets. Raw dairy demands the finest in animal husbandry, diet, and sanitary practices. If you purchase raw dairy, an intimate knowledge of your farmer’s practices (directly by visiting the farm yourself or trusting others who have inspected the farm) is most important.  One should never drink milk intended to be sold pasteurized before it is pasteurized; the pasteurization process is needed to mitigate any deficiences in food safety that may have occurred up to that point.

Listed from north to south


Chipley (in the Florida Panhandle): Arrowhead Beef of Florida Beef from pasture–raised, heirloom Parthenais cattle (steaks, ground beef, primals & whole/half steers). South Florida delivery on wholesale and special orders. Also available at multiple farmers’ markets statewide. 954.428.4525 floridagrass-fed.com (on Facebook)

Live Oak (north of Gainesville): Full Circle Farm Cheese (cow & goat), dairy (cow & goat), chicken eggs, fermented foods, fish, meat (beef, chicken, organs, pet food, wild pork) and miscellaneous produce. Contact Dennis Stoltzfoos at 386.776.2770 or email Local Harvest Reviews

Lake Butler (north of Gainesville): Glades Ridge Goat Dairy Goats’ milk and cheese (chevre & fromage blanc) from Nubian and LaMancha goats. Contact Joe at 386.266.7041 or email Local Harvest Reviews gladesridge.com

Hawthorne (southeast of Gainesville): Gumbo Heads Goats Farm Goats’ milk, cheese (Boursin, curd, mozzarella), colostrum, and chicken eggs. Also goats’ milk soap. Contact Rhonda Miller or Brian Gregory at 352.475.9680 or via email.

Citra (north of Ocala): The Organic Chef Foods Beef, chicken, frozen fish, lamb, pet food, and spices. Contact Al Rosas at 888.353.9912 or via email. Local Harvest Reviews Yelp Reviews organiccheffoods.com (on Facebook)

Ocala: Gaias’s Garden Chicken eggs and dairy (cow & goat) from their own Jersey cows and Lamancha goats. Contact Chantal at 352.622.1311 or via email Local Harvest Reviews (on Facebook)

Summerfield (south of Ocala): Florida Fresh Meat Company Dry-aged (up to 60 days) beef, chicken, duck, lamb, pork, and rabbit. 1-2 day shipping within the state. Sells meat from animals raised on Big Country Ranch, Capone Farms, Cowart Ranch, McGehee Ranch, & Phillips Ranch. For Miami–Dade deliveries, call Juan from Seriously Local at 305.300.7274 or Cindy from The Wholesome Grocer at 786.216.7946. For Palm Beach County deliveries, call Jessica at Francesca’s Terra Verde Farm Club at 561.401.9123. For all other areas, call Jan Costa at 352.566.8586. Local Harvest Reviews floridafreshbeef.com (on Facebook)

Summerfield (south of Ocala): Florida Glatt Kosher Meats Glatt kosher grass–fed beef (whole/half steers). Contact Jan Costa at 352.566.8586. floridaglatt.com

Summerfield: Delightful Acres Dairy (cow & goat), Eggs (chicken & duck) and chicken. Contact Danielle FitzGerald at 352.233.5056. delightfulacres.com (on Facebook)

Summerfield (south of Ocala): Pasture Prime Family Farm Wagyu beef, chicken, chicken eggs, Berkshire & Mangalitsa pork and turkey. 352.266.9504 Local Harvest Reviews Yelp Reviews pastureprimewagyu.com (on Facebook)

Floral City (south of Ocala): Tolisse Farm Goats’ milk and cheese (fromagina and chevre). Also goat milk soap (bar, cream & laundry) and lotions. Contact Toni at 352.344.5103 Local Harvest Reviews tolisse.com (on Facebook)

Titusville: Wild Ocean Seafood Market Wholesale deliveries of fresh fish to South Florida every Wednesday. Contact Mike at 866.945.3623. Local Harvest Reviews Yelp Reviews wildoceanmarket.com (on Facebook)

Winter Park: Winter Park Dairy 5 types of raw milk cheese. Sold by the 3–4 lb. wheel; shipped via UPS. Also sells at the Winter Park Farmers’ Market. 407.671.5888 Local Harvest Reviews Yelp Reviews winterparkdairy.com

Ocoee (west of Orlando) Lake Meadow Naturals Chicken, Cornish hens, eggs (chicken & duck), goat meat, some beef, pork and stewing hens seasonally. Also open to the public for retail sales, Saturdays 9am to 12:30pm. Contact Dale, Brandon, or Shalamar 321.206.6262 Local Harvest Reviews Yelp Reviews lakemeadownaturals.net (on Facebook)

Dade City (northeast of Tampa): Samaron Farm Black Angus beef available in whole steers, halves, or quarters. 352.585.9778 samaronfarm.com

Tampa: The Dancing Goat Goats’ dairy (cheese, kefir, milk, and yogurt) and goat milk soap from championship show goats. No kill dairy; goats are kept on the farm to live out their lives. “Like” on Facebook to follow the dancing goats. Contact Pam at 813.818.0305 or via emailLocal Harvest Reviews (on Facebook)

Duette (southeast of Tampa): JTB Jersey Farms Chicken eggs and cows’ dairy from their herd of Jersey cows. Butter, buttermilk, cream, cheese (chives, garlic & soft), and milk (whole and skim). 813.477.8283 Local Harvest Reviews jtbjerseyfarms.com

Ona (east of Bradenton): Alday Farm/Jersey Girls Dairy Farm Cow’s dairy (butter, cheeses, milk, sour creme & yogurt). 100% grass–fed. Pickups at the farm 7 days a week (call first). Contact Teresa Alday at 863.491.5724 Local Harvest Reviews aldayfarm.com

Myakka City (east of Sarasota): Jersey Acres Cows’ dairy from their herd of 19 Jersey cows. Butter, cheese (cottage and gouda), cream, and milk (whole and skim) Contact Jim Saturley at 941.322.2162 or via email. floridarawmilk.com

If you know of others, let us know.


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